Thursday, August 11, 2016

Squad Battles To Stay At No. 1

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Look at the articles posted today and this is what's wrong with Hollywood nowadays. The people in charge are making all crazy money for making poor decisions. And they wonder where did the audiences go. I didn't even realize myself until I put this blog together. Jeez what a mess.

Saturday Update:
The Sausages are beating the Squad to take the top spot. Harley andf riends are looking at a 67% drop! Yikes. Ultimate edition, here we come.

$300M total costs for Squad? Check out third paragraph (2 below picture). That's insane and they still couldn't get it right.
Shows 7 key moments with pics. Love the last one: "mic drop moment" oh yeah.

Squad to fight talking sausages, a big dragon and a singing diva. Well at least it makes for an interesting weekend not that it has that much of great competition. This is  the weekend which signals not only if the Squad has legs or not but how much will the other films bite out of it's box office take. Remember that drop? Ouch.
Are you kidding me? How wonder the film is a mess. This is just plain lousy film making. It should never get this out of hand. But damn 6 cuts? Really
The only film to do it right with Flashbacks was "The Godfather 2". But when a film has this many flashbacks of course it's going to be confusing to the audience. It just takes them out of the movie itself. And as Robbie said herself, it doesn't push the movie forward.
Well this is different and hysterical. Have to admit, there was so many things in the trailer that didn't make the final cut fo the movie and some scenes got changed like Will Smith "Are we good?" funny in the trailer, completely doa in the movie. Hope the fan wins, lol.
Is anyone surprised? This not being released in China was the final nail in the coffin. This should be a big reason to reconsider these "female" reboots. See below. But Hollywood is one deaf fck.
They didn't learn from Ghostbusters did they? The problem here is that it's too much in your face "Gimmicky". So plain obvious as the only reason to make the remake to begin with.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a comedy classic mainly because of the complete opposites of Micheal Caine and Steve Martin. And Martin plays it to the hilt without coming off silly. Rebel? Silly.
Splash: Magic Mike is a merman. Skip. Big time. Can it get any dumber?
The Rocketeer: Yes you can't get  any dumber than this.
Ocean Eleven: Clooneys remakes weren't all that to begin with So this is going to be better?
Why does sound like a re-visit of Voyager and Enterprise. Another female captain been there done that and a gay crew member which was rumoured to be the british guy on Enterprise. Klingon commander? Something Worf should have had status with in the movies. Oh whatever..
And in another part of the galaxy, it's double dipping time again. So there goes JJs commentary. More deleted scenes, what no room on the previous release and so on and so one. What makes me mad I know I'm going to pick this up no matter how many times I say "What a rip-off!" Man, they see me coming.

Bonus: I put this here as this is a real long article if you time to read this.
This is one huge big mistake. You do not do a remake when the previous film got 11 Oscars including Best Picture of the year. And whose idea was this. Maybe in Europe it will do OK since it's part of their history but here as far as "sand and sandels" spectables this is going to tank over here.

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