Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ben Hur To Out Tank Them All

"Hold On! We're going to crash.....Big Time!

Due to heavy workload this blog will be extended thru the weekend. But nothing new really, Squad and Sausages will claim the No. 1 and 2 spot beating all new comers with Ben Hur taking the big summer beating. Next week new radio show with Saugages review. Seeing that this weekend.

Toho is now on a roll. Another missed opportunity from Hollywood. All good as long as they don't have Godzooky. Just saying that name makes me cringed.

$100M plus marekting costs out the window. Well what were thinking to begin with when the  original won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and for Actor Charlton Heston (It's a mad house, a mad house!). Maybe they learn their lesson after this? Probably not. See the article below.
Even they can't tell what happen this summer. Simple: audience had enough of B-movie material.
And these are the experts.
Wow, he sure made that list quick. But it does make sense. Guess Fox has the budget now cause he don't come cheap, lol.
For us die hard fans of the original tv series. Yes we do exists and proud to say it. Which either way it's got to be better than Killing Joke. Less said the better on that.
Wow, talk about double dipping again. So what happens to all the previous editions that the fans brought? But I have to admit this set does look great. Depends how good my Xmas bonus is this year.

Note: Workload meaning working on Orange is the New Black: Catching a 5 AM bus to New Jersey working a 12 hour day and getting back home by 10 pm. A very short day.

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