Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bourne Vs Trek At The Box Office

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Note: This blog will be extended for the weekend. Notice Damon pic below the links on the set of Bourne 3.

"Sequel Fatigue" No shit. Now they're finally listening. And getting their due. Really what did they expect? Nothing lasts forever, lol.

With mixed reviews and the audience getting tired of sequels will it beat Trek for the No. 1 spot. While trek does have great reviews it is still behind with the numbers compared to Trek 2 Darkness.
While I like the Bourne series and Met Damon on the set of Bourne (last one) and was very nice I still have to behind Trek. Ain't that what Trekkies do? lol.
They talk about the writing process and why the first meeting took 16 hours! to bring ideas to the table. Guess which one didn't go over well. Yep blowing up the enterprise in the first half of the movie.
Riding on the tails of the Bourne movie in case this tanks? And yet another movie filmed in China. It will be just a matter of time when that country takes over Hollywood as a major source for movies.
Holy Blu-ray Batman! One of the biggest debut sellers of all time. Not bad at all. Right behind Star Wars Force which is the all time champ. Sorry but the first half film is still bloated and now it takes forever to get to the better second half. More on the radio and live show.
Interesting look on being on an actual set filming a scene. Cool 10 minute video even tho the hand near the hand on the lenses was annoying, lol. Now you know what I see when I worked on these shows & movies.

This was taken at The South Sreet Seaport on the set of Bourne 3 the end of the chase scene. Which was filmed during the winter but above was filmed during April spring as the scene was completed on time. Look carefully at the scene at the very end he shoots the guy in the car, there is no snow in the scene while through out the chase there's snow all over. More on the radio show.

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