Monday, August 15, 2016

Suicide Squad Still No. 1

Giant Cardboard Poster in Lobby at AMC Lincoln Square, NYC. Youtube show to be posted tomorrow.
While they were both neck and neck on Friday, Squad wins the weekend but man that was close.
This week will see the Squad break the $500M mark and there are still markets that it hasn't open up yet. And as far as the rest of the month it has no competition besides Ben Hur and Stathams's Mechanic.
Well that was quick decision. But heck bring it on. All these movies are getting boring with being so politically correct that we need something to rough the edges, families be damn. Here that Disney?
Only kidding Disney, like I need Stormtroopers knocking down my door.
Just a snippet. How about the full outfit. What a tease, like it's going to make a difference. This one will need to break big time to break even as this will be the most expensive out of the DC movies.
Fascinating: While some Trekkers are so glad that Trek is back on TV, there are some Trekkies who have a problem that it's set before 10 years before The Original Series. Like "Enterprise" wasn't all that welcomed to begin with. Some would have liked the show to be continued from The Next Generation and Voyager. I wonder who some of those are. cough cough.......

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