Tuesday, August 30, 2016

End of Summer Wrap Up

Live on MNN: Suicide Squad review Pt. 2, the lost episode now playing on Youtube.
Taking a break due to heavy workload but a new Radio show will premiere next week after labor day with tributes to Gene Wilder, Star Trek Con and World Wide Box Office, how will Squad do?

The first time I saw Wilder was Wonka which played as a double feature with Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. What a billing. And those Loompas eh? But of course hewent thru Blazing Saddles and his masterpiece Young Frankenstein. And of course the films with Richard Pryor, now there was a team.
Much more on the radio show. But my thing is, who is that out there to replace these legends? Jonah Hill? I couldn't even remember his name on the Live show. But that's another story.

So many excuses and they dont' get it. And I'm tired of repeating myself with this. You give the audience what they don't want and they won't show up. Don't these guys watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and the rest? That's where their audience is. Give them something original.

And this is what Hollywood has to worry about. Being left out of the equation. China is already producing movies here like the superhero movie that was film at Wall st. this past summer. They used american union staff but China is funding is leaving the U.S. studios as distributor only. Meaning less cash and profit for them for amercian studios. Well that's what happens when you don't listen to he audience.

With Affleck behind this, how can this fail? Remember when Affleck took over SvsB nad said the film will fail and he turn out to be the best thing about it. And a brand new villain to boot. A win win on both ends.

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