Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Mixed Reviews For Suicide Squad?

Due to work on Blue Bloods next blog will be on Thursday along with a new radio show.

Great article on behind the scenes about the troubled production. But the last paragraph takes the cake. $800M to break even? Are they friggin kidding me? Good friggin luck. They cannot all be Deadpool.

Well so did Bvs S but that didn't stop a great opening weekend. And this has a Deadpool feel and we all how good that did. Never mind the critics, it depends on repeats from the fans meaning the film has legs. And if Boring Bourne can make $60M this has to do better.

30 min video with over 100 pics included. Well this kept me busy for a while, lol.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet out pal Godzilla is doing great at the box office in Japan.
Considering the mix reviews this si getting from the fans. I haven't seen this. Looks like I might to have wait for the U.S. release in November. Nudge nudge wink wink hee hee.

For the guys behind Minions this should be no surprise.  But what about Keven Hart's Snowball?
And his "happy" ending? For those who have seen it know what I mean..

Why can't they get this right. Just pick up after The Next Generation and move it forward. All this messing around is what screws up the show to begin with.

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