Thursday, August 04, 2016

Suicide Squad Heading to No. 1

No Live on MNN this weekend. New radio show coming soon. Today's blog will be extended for the weekend.

41% drop already from Friday to Saturday? Now it stands at $135 take. STill not bad. Either way we have to wait till Monday for the final tally. But that is strange for that drop. Watch the studio blame the Olympics, lol.

This one claims the movie will clear $140M. Damn that's great.
This one is claiming over $150M. Even better.!!! Rotten tomatoes be damn. Now that site seems useles as ever. I would be looking for another job if I was working for them by the way, lol.

Warning Minor Spoilers (Robin is mentioned here). Your on your own on this one:
The one that surprised me is Jai Courtney was good in this movie. That guy can't get a break.

Friday Update:
Third biggest opening for a superhero movie? Talk about confidence in it's numbers. But will it have legs meaning repeats or are the fans going to be disappointed. It's the fans that going to save this one,not the critics.

Finally they're getting around to that tv series that Lucas mention oh so long ago. But on ABC out of all channels, sure they're still own by the disney channel bu you figure they would put this cable like what their doing with Star Trek which will eventually go on Netflix. Whatever just get the damn thing made already.
Wow, talk about no mercy. The movie hasn't been nationally released yet and already they're burying this. But lets face it. Warner's just don't have a clue. Just because they own these doesn't mean they are the experts on making these.
Well get ready to double dip. That mean Directors cut or Ultimate edition. But is that going to make a difference considering that he doesn't have a lot of screen time to begin with. Read the comments for spoilers on this.
More drama relating to the movie. What is funny like Suicide Squad is they are completely ignoring stories about the reshoots aka the Star Wars Con and the Squad premiere featuring the cast ensemble.
Cool looking ship from this great 10 minute video. Lots of info including self made Rancor Creature. I love the idea that these ships can be reconfigured  like the B-wing, another favorite of mind.
Here is another  one nobody is asking for. The original is a cult classic and surely they will find a way to screw this up. The only film to be directed by Legendary Stan Winston. Included below is from our Youtube sister channel Apollomovieguy. Lots of making of videos including behind the scenes with Stan Winston and look out for an interview with Stan Lee.

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