Thursday, August 25, 2016

End of August Special Edition

Today's blog extended from last week. New Blog coming tomorrow along with a new radio show.
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Monday Update:
While Breath made $26M all the others made less than $7M. A total wipeout with so many movies out there and they couldn't get the audience to the theatres. Read the very last paragraph, that says it all: reboots and sequels, Not!

War Dogs: 3 out of 5. This should be called a dramedy at best. Not a comedy like the trailer suggests. The actors are good, it starts off great then the film lacks punch at the last third act.  This would have been handled better with a more dramatic director at the helm. But what would expect from the director of Hangover, one of the worst R rated comedies of all ticharactersme.

The Mechanic 2: 3 out of 5. Way better than the first one is why this gets a 3.  Jason uses his swimming skills really good here. Alba cute as ever with still no acting skill what so ever. But who the hell cares? She's CUTE! Good for Netflix or two for Tuesday. Standard script tho. For Jason fans only.

Hologram for the King: 2 out of 5: Made last year but finally released this year. No wonder. Really surprise for Hanks to have a C movie here after all this time. He's always good but the film fails him big time. You just don't care about anything in this movie. What did he see in the script? For Hank fans only, (I don't know about that one, but I did see it didn't I, lol)).

Sausage Party: 3 out of 5: Funny as hell at the beginning but then it starts losing steam fast. But it does give a new outlook on what a Food Orgy is. Wya over the top at the end. And again Rogen starts questioning one believe's in heaven and all that like "Paul" the film where he played an alien.
Breath to take out Squad bu then again everyone is getting to the beach or barbeque so this last two weekends really don't add up to much. That's why every publication out there is already putting out theri fall lists of movies to see. Thye just gave up on the summer
I'll make this simple: Star Wars Rogue One. There's not much to go out of my way then to wait and see it on Netflix. Even Dr.Strange, not one of my favorite comics.
What's cooking in da house? Smackdown! Then again ain't Hollywood one big stunt gone bad?

More updates later this weekend....