Thursday, September 08, 2016

Happy 50th Anniversary To Star Trek

Live on MNN this Saturday 5pm, This blog will return next week on a daily basis.
Looks like Sully is going to do gret for strting the Fall season. Now how about the rest of the films until Rogue One. I mean this had to be one of the toughest summers to review considering much of the films added to a "MEH" at best.
From fans to people who worked on  the show pick their favorite episodes. My list will be on a new radio show coming soon.
Great coverage on the 50 years of Trek. Most of this is old news to us Trekkers but a good read anyways. But there is a stinger to TN with an apology to Patrick Stewart. Whats up with that?Included is a one minute animated video from Shatner and his friendship with Nimoy. Short but very cool.
Finally he nails a superhero part after getting turn down for Superman and Suicide Squad. Because of Will Smith roll getting bigger, both Joe and Tom Hardy quit.
The big question mark here is will Avatar will go up against Star Wars for Christmas release or go back to summer release instead.

Last Saturday's special presentation at AMC Theatres, NYC in memory for Gene Wilder's picture. Willy Wonka was also playing, but we chose this instead. A lot funnier. And the crowd was great!

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