Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday's Leftovers

The following are links and info that are left over from Monday's links and Tuesday's Reviews.

Tomorrow I will be going live on BTR at 9 pm as Thursdays is my backup day. Still trying to figure
out that Godzilla Harryhausen special next week as I land right on Thanksgiving Day. But that show  will go on next week sometime. Hopefully I'll make up my mind and let you guys know tomorrow. Hopefully,lol.

The Website has been updated for Dec. 1 to include new info that have been posted this month:
1.We are now on the Stitcher Radio Network which plays back our BTR shows 24/7.
2.We also updated with our Google Plus pages that now include names instead of all those numbers.
3.We updated the schedule list for our live show on MNN as we will doing repeats until spring 2014.
4. We also grouped the info, G Plus, Radio, Live MNN to make it easier to follow.

Some new links for this week's news:
So C3PO is holding out? Or he wants more money? Man these robots are something else.
Sounds to me like one person who works for SHIELD might not be back as a Ghost Jedi.
Abraham does not like people who squeal even even second guess him. That's a no-no.
We mentioned this on our MNN show where in the original script she talks to someone on the radio.
GOOGLE Gravity Script PDF for the link to the script and go to page 70 or so. And you'll see that part.
In the Movie instead she imagines someone and talks to that person instead. So this spinoff is nothing new.
Who the hell cares? That have to go that far back for a sequel for a picture that wasn't even a hit
to begin with when it first came out. Blame Wizard of OZ for this one. Now will people care about the kid from The Shining to see what happen to him as far as sequels go? Well at least Stephen King is actually writing this one.

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