Monday, November 04, 2013

Links for Monday

This is going to be a standard for Mondays and Tuesdays will be movie and BR review day with our
Shows on Wednesday and Thursdays as backups. Now about that music show, ummmm?

Note: Here are some last minute additions which I didn't want to wait for next week:
By request now that the new Playstation 4 commercial features Lou Reed "Pleasant Day" as it's theme song.
Somebody at Sony must be a Lou Reed fan. This article is old school recording of a classic.
Love that line in Paragraph 2: US Box office is hardly the deciding factor for sequels. It does huge overseas it gets a sequel or if it does great on Video like Kick Ass and Percy Jackson. He was promoting his last movie and said he doubt he would do another Wolverine. Translation: More FU Money for ME!
This is like the video logs that come with the box sets which are always cool.
It's great to see Dorn working hard on his projects, good for him. Worf is always a favorite.
So now, when is Trek coming back to tv/cable/syndication? They know the fans want it. Well FK I do.
Did this actress blow the whistle and she just trying to pre audition by dropping her name to be
Wonder Woman. Either way I don't care. She is cute and she got my bid. LOL.
Now he would be a good choice. So what if they are giving him a big budget. Like the directors
of Jurrasiac World and Godzilla 2014, both of them depended on a good script with no budget and
got Hollywoods attention. Look at the Lone Ranger, Top actors, Top Director, Top Budget and what did we get? Yep, Top Crap,.
And just when I thought Xmas was going to be a bore, I mean was anyone asking for Anchorman 2?
Well here comes this years 2nd biggest surprise next to P Rim that is.
Fans of Pacific Rim and Japanese Anime and Mythology aregoing to love this. Great article really
has me reved up with this one. Mention dragons and I'm there. Keanu is back in sci-fi form.
(The Day the Earth Stood Still doesn't count, lol). Big fight scenes and great costume drama.
And what about the budget. Looks like every penny is going to be up on that screen.
Not like Lone Ranger. I mean how much did those horses and cactus cost in the middle of the desert?
Note: This is not a remake of the Japanese import 47 Ronin, which was based on a real story
but this will be a fantasy mythology retelling. Please see IMDB and Wikipedia for info on the history of the original 47 Ronin to do your own comparison between both pictures.

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