Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Links

Lots of links with some having more than 1 page (which will be noted) and the last link with Video with a surprise that took me surprise! LOL...
Now we're talking! And don't give me that crap that Spectre organization doesn't fit in today's blah blah blah...look at the comments. Time to send Bond back in Space! Jeez their sending Lady Ga Ga to outer space and that's more science fiction than Star Trek!
Even Thor 2 was slightly disappointing to me, still getting the BR tho, it's better than Man of Steel which I still have issues with. Either way it's still a slap in the face to Warners/DC coming from Marvel. That's funny.
Nope, not going to happen unless it gets that whole 3D Imax gimmick. But all it takes is include a Jar Jar Binks and it's over. Fans will go WTF? Again?
Nobody saw that coming did they? Then again it did have that 3D Imax cheat. But at least it was put to good use finally. You know  James Cameron is asking for more FU money from Fox because of this.
"Get to the cinemas, Nooooow" Damn not even Arnuld can sell his film in his own homeland. Ouch!
10 pages for the top 9 films of all time. Some head scratchers in there. Most suck as far as I'm concern but that's me of course as I find most of them a total bore. Except The Exorcist, that shit was funny!
6 Pages: Except for Bullock this category will be boring. The Best Actor is the one to look at. That is going to be busy. Where the women will excel is in the Supporting Actress with Oprah (The Butler) and Lupita Nyong'o (12 Yrs Slave) going head to head on that award. More on Oscars nods coming in the next few weeks.
Short Video Tribute to Jolie, with various interviews including Rachel Welch! Wow she looks great!
Who? Fantastic Voyage and 1 Million Years B.C,. ..that's who!
This one was kind of obvious but why not?

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