Thursday, November 07, 2013

New Show Tonight at 9 PM

New show tonight at 9 pm EST with chat room and taking phone calls.

Here are 2 articles about the future of tv and why theatres are scared.

Well nobody saw this coming. Netflix out of all company's. Smart move. 
With regular tv cancelling shows left and right and trying to get a foot hold on ratings,
besides a few staples like Big Bang and a few others, other platforms are cashing in
with audiences not afraid and able thanks to wi-fi smart phones tablets to venture out
of the grid and try other forms of entertainment accessible to them.

I did say a few blogs ago and on the show, too many superheroes and will people get tired
of them? Well if they can watch 13 episodes aka showtime Dexter and True Blood, Thrones, etc
fans can get their fix and then look forward for another season without overkill.

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