Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Man of Steel BR Mini-Review
Screen Junkies taking a shot at Man of Steel. Funny and they hit on some good points.

Follow the above link and scroll down the page to see other featurettes for Man of Steel.

Man of Steel Review: 4
OK, right of the bat the problem with this movie falls down to the story by Nolan and Goyer and the script
by Goyer. That is my story and I'm sticking story and after seeing the 3 hour Zack Snyder Behind the scenes
still believe Sups Vs Bats is still in good hand with Affleck as the new Batman.
And please for the love of comics no more Flashbacks! That is what killed the first half of this movie!
It ruin the structure and the next one should just move forward in real time without the going back and forth nonsense. I will go into details on the movie itself on the show. For this blog I will review the features.
That will be live tomorrow Nov. 14, 9 pm EST

Disc 1:
Movie with 2 Features, both at 25 min. each.
Strong Characters, Legendary Roles:  This has the actors explaining their characters and motivations and the translation of the original Krypton planet to the big screen. Standard promo made for cable and tv.
All-Out Action: This concentrates on the training of the actors then goes into the stunts mixed in with the live action with actual sets along with SFX with green screen and wires. Short but to the point.
Krypton Decoded: 6 min. Young Clark Kent goes over SFX with the computer artists.
75th Anniversary Cartoon: 3 min. Glad this made it. Little did I realized it starts with John Williams score
then smoothly goes into Hans Zimmerman score and strangely it fits. Nice treat.
This completes the one of bonus features. While these are short they get the job done. Shame the
mini videos that were on the web are not included here but they were edited and show up on Disc 2.
My main complaint here is that there was no commentary by Goyer on the choices he made in writing this like why did Pa Kent had to die with the tornado and not the heart attack that was in the comics.
PS. There's a promo for Hobbits 2 included here. WTF?

Disc 2:
Planet Krypton: 17 min. A fake Documentary aka History Channel about Krypton. Cute the first time around but really, was this necessary?
Journey of Discovery: 3 hours long, this is the centerpiece of this BR and worth the price.
What makes this different from other Zack Snyder's Picture in Picture that while he hosts and discusses
certain parts of the film, technicians and the actors also take part in explaining the scenes often to humorous resorts. Some of these guys have a great sense of humor. And at times it even goes into 3 screens to cover the details that are explained. This is a keeper where it would take at least more than one showing to take it all in. It's more behind the scenes than the actual movie and that's fine with me.

So the big 3 hour PIP makes me give this disc a solid 4. It loses 1 mainly for the lack of a Goyer commentary and some of the mini features that was shown on the internet. Maybe a double dip down the line but for me I'm good and glad I brought this. They can kiss my ass on that dipping twice crap. I'm happy with what I got.

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