Friday, November 08, 2013

Thor 2 Mini-Review

Thor 2: 3 - While the 1st half kinds of drags cause it introduces a bland plot, the 2nd half really gets going when Loki joins the fun. But the villian played by a former Dr. Who doesn't have much to work like Gen Zod in Men of Steel. Forget memorable lines and just look menacing. While they are some familiar trends from other films aka Middle Earth, Big Orcs, Flash Gordon City, Cybermen, and Big Ship landing in middle of city to take over the earth aka Men of Steel it's the action that moves the picture along.
All the actors do their best but it's Loki that makes it fun. Some twists at the end and stick around for 2 endings in between credits and very end of the credits.
While not as strong as Thor 1 and a weak story, it's still a lot fun expecially the 2nd half. It's fun seeing what a dysfunctional family like the Thor family trying to get it's shit together. All said and done while not as strong as Avengers and Iron Man 1, Thor 1 it's way better than IM2 and IM3, the worst 2 of the movies so far.

2 behind the scenes and filmmaking 101 on Thor 2:

Bonus Link: So glad they are out of business. You don't how many times the rip people off including me:
Good Riddence.

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