Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday's Movie and BR Reviews

First we have recent movie releases. Note: If the movie is not listed here I didn't get a chance to see it.
Update to include some more BR releases. See below.

Enders Game: 3 - Going by the movie and not the book since I never even heard of it. Another variation on
"The Kid is the Chosen One" Theme this time sci-fi style. Of all the films of this Genre this is one of the better ones besides Gravity and Star Trek. It does feel some details were left out of the book as the dialogue has a rush feel but once in the second half The Kid leads the charge against the aliens it's all fun. And good backup with Ford and the rest of the cast. Maybe deleted scenes could explain some missing details but still good.

Bad Grandpa: 2 - Not that 2 is a bad number. It's candid camera skits and seeing Grandpa getting
into trouble over and over again. At the end it gets tiring. But there are some funny moments.
Supermarket scene and the Bikers Bars to mention a few.This would play way better with some toke and beers with friends on a Friday night at home from Netflix. But way better than Grown Ups 2.

The Counselor: 1 - Not even a Barkin doing a dance scene on the windshield of a car can save this. (That's 50 minutes into the movie for the curious).Way too long dialogues and characters you couldn't care about except for Pitt who does a good job on being a cowboy of sorts. At the end  it doesn't end well for some of the characters but I couldn't wait for this to end. Only for the curious who might want to see the cast ensemble. Too smart for it's own good aka Company for Old Men which I did not like what so ever. But if you like Company you might like this. And tries to hard to be a David Mamet.

Now the video releases: (First 2 leftover from last week)
Monsters University: 4 - Great story on friendship. My only complaint was the 2nd act dragged on a little bit too long with the contests. 1 hour of features with a brand new cartoon which were really fun. But the highlight is the commentary.This is great for future artists on how to bring a story like this to the big screen. Saw the 2D version and that was good enough for me.

RIPD: 2 - Not only a ripoff of MIB but a remake of Dead Heat. (see IMDB). A Good idea gone bad,
What makes this worst is the angle that people don't see the cops but an old asian dude and a blond chick.
And way over the top SFX which really don't add much here. But I did appreciated the sad ending which did have some heart to it. But by then it was too late. A 2 for Tuesday if your a Jeff Bridges fan. And no I'm not blaming Ryan Reynolds for this one. That guy has no luck whatsoever.

White House Down: 3: DAS (dumb as shit) but this was still better than "Olympus Has Fallen" which was a boring depressing film thats getting a Sequel?! Everyone is on fun that nobody is taking this seriously and it works on that level. A rocket launcher in the presidents car? Really? But the cast pulls it off and James Wood as '"White House Worker" works his character good. Great cheesy, check your brain at the door flix.
with lots of action and very fast pace. By the way Olympus got a '1' ! beating up a defenseless female in a very boring is not my kind of fun. And Gerard Gladiator Butler was wasted beyond belief.

Grown Ups 2: 1 - Only because Selmer tried to save the film and Spade had a funny Tire moment. Oh well.
A few mini features that are not worth it but not much more. Only for Sandler fans.

Bounty Killer: 3 - Mad Max ripoff that pulls it off mainly because the movie doesn't take itself seriously.
It plays in the future with lots of action, cars and chicks. Plain dumb fun. Just check your brain at the door.
Strictly Grindhouse with a good budget and nice body count.

Haunter: 1 - Boring ghost story with a twist at the end. So what. The cast were good especially the parents
but when the ending came I couldn't give a crap. . What really surprise me this was the director of Cube which I liked and Spliced which was whacked but good cinematagraphy. But nothing really added up here. For Mama fans only

Killer Holiday: 1 - Trying to be a new Micheal/Jason/Freddie but the problem you know who he is
and it's just a regular Joe Blow with lame issues right as the very beginning. And it's all down hill from there.
One interesting kill who gets it with a guitar hence the score. For the curious only.

Lizzie Borden's Revenge: 1 - No budget production filmed at somebody's house. The grand kid of Lizzie (axe murderer from the past, ask Alice Cooper) gets possessed and starts whacking people for being really bad actors. Should have also taken out the director and writer for this. 1 is shared by Blonde walking around topless and thong at the beginning and the redhead walking frontal shaved down a staircase near the end. For you hound dogs at there that is at the 70 min mark. Shame on you! It's my job to know this, I'm an editor after all, lol.

Last Days of Earth: 2 - Zombies on Mars! Poor man's Prometheus with an expedition losing it's team members one at a time. Besides some of the cinematagraphy it's kind of a bore with Schriber at the end
what the hell was all that about? After seeing Gravity this didn't have a chance. For space fans only. A 2 for Tuesday.

Xmas Wish List:
Hobbit Extended Cut: While I wasn't crazy about the film being 3 hours and 20 minutes is not going to make a difference but with over 9 hours making of this will still go in my collection.

Farscape: The Box Set: All 88 shows, 15 hours of features!!! and a 16 page booklet. And if that wasn't good enough there are 35 commentaries on the shows themselves. With mechanical effects by the Jim Henson Factory this is a keeper for anyone who grew up with this series. It is kinda pricey but I still feel you get your moneys worth....Yo Santa U hear me?

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