Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Links Plus More

Note: Videoland Express Live on MNN now playing on our You Tube page now known as
Videoland Express as the former name, Tequierocece while still listed on some search pages, is not used anymore. More updates will be included in Tuesday's Reviews.
Should Loki get his own film? Why not? Since he's not going to be in the next Avengers.
And let's face, not since Darth Vadar who have a villian you love to hate. But they have to be really careful with this on who is going to take him on. Remember he got his ass kicked by the Hulk!
Dr, Who and Poppa Thor had scenes together but cut out? Blu-ray extra? Well add to the collection!
3 Doctors no less. How wonder they didn't have room for Chris Eccleston but Rose is in there. All Good.
A big topic on our next Live show on MNN along with Hunger Games.
Now they are really pushing it. Can we take this one at a time? Jeez...
Now this is funny, something Marvel would like for it to disappear.
Is it me or nobody is asking for this? If you don't have the original cast there to past on the baton like Star Wars then why bother. And who the hell cares who's in the cast.
This article came out a few weeks ago and has Lou Reed included. Now that's scary. Oh Oh...

Note: Due to problems with my chrome more updates will be included on Tuesday's BR list.

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