Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Mini Reviews

Here are the reviews based on a 1 to 5 system. 1 = bad, 5 =great.

Freebirds: 3 - "Steve's not here man!" Cute movie with time travel with subtle messages about treatment of animals and other subjects without being heavy handed. Why did the critics attack this?

ST:TNG: Unification: 4 - Good commentary but short 16m behind the scenes but it is Spock.
Season 5 will be featured on the show as way to many features on it.

The World's End: 4 - Plays like a Dr. Who lost episode which is a good thing.
Must be played as a double header with "This is the End" Don't forget the Bong.
See dvdtalk.com for the features. Way to many. Yep, this is a keeper.

We're The Millers: 4 - Talk about the bong, big surprise on how funny this was.
Must be seen as a double header with Cheech and Chong Animated Movie 2013.

2 Guns: 2 - 2 top stars can't save this. Wahlberg did great in Pain & Gain and here he is meh.
Script was a mess. Can't believe this came from a graphic novel.

Planes: 2 - Disappointing aka Turbo. Mainly for the kiddies and that music was annoying.

Paranioa: 2 - Great cast wasted on a script that begs for you to look away from it's logic.
Good to see Ford and Oldman going at it for a few scenes.

Bonnie & Clyde: 1 - Eric Roberts is in here, what do you expect? No shame no budget this is a waste of time. See Arthur Penn's 1967 version instead. While not historically correct it's still more entertaining.

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