Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Reviews

 Our live show on MNN is now playing on our You Tube page. This is an extended edition as we continued with our live phone caller after the show when we ran out time but kept on recording anyway. So a little behind the scenes is included. Time Stamp will finally be added for reference even tho most have listen to the show anyways. lol, I thank you for that. But I did promised and will do so by tomorrow.

Note: The big Sups Hero show will be postponed till Thursday as I have a lot of reference material to go with that including finishing the 4 hours of material for Men of Steel on the Blu-ray brought today.

Thor: 3 - While that cast is great and lots of action it's Loki that saves the picture in the second half as the picture is kind of generic and nods to other films aka Flash Gordon and even Dr. Who itself.

Blu-ray releases:
Men of Steel: This will be given a full review tomorrow as I'm still in the middle of the Zack Snyder's
Journey of Discovery. The Picture in Picture Making of Behind the scenes while watching the movie which is provided on a separate disc away from the main disc which has the movie with one hour of features. Third disc is the DVD. But yep I brought the BR version and so far just for the PIP this is worth it. But again that's me.

Ambush: 2 - 2nd of a trilogy by Director Serafini along with Vinnie Jones (see IMDB for details). The first release was Blood of Redemption. Wish I can say this one is just as good as it's disappointing as both
L ndgren and Jones are on the sidelines. So don't let the cover fool you. But there is a lot of action but mainly from the other stars that carry the movie.

Turbo: 2 - First 30 minutes it started off great then it came to a slow crawl. YEP I SAID IT! LOL.
By then the big race at the rest which picks up but by then it's too late. The kids will fall asleep. Not bad, just disappointing. Lots of mini features but if you don't care about the movie, the features won't matter.

Birth of the Living Dead: 4 - Short but a great making of the original Night of the Living Dead with interviews of everyone involved (those who are still alive that is) including George Romero himself.

Scrooge: 2 - Not a good remake at all and even Bill Murray can't save this besides some interesting SFX for it's time. At this time Murray got over paid $7M and it hurt him ever since. NO features whatsoever on the BR. Note: Just saw this on DVD from the library and this has not aged good so the BR it's the same thing besides upgrading the look of the film which was filmed dark to begin with, who knows why.

Elf: 5 - One of Farrell's best and who would imagine James Caan (a Corleone!) would be in this.
One of the ultimate modern Xmas fables. Comedy and heart to cheer for the holidays. Nothing new as
features But it does includes everything from the previous dvd special edition which is more than enough.

Dexter Final Season: 3 - This last season was a mess with one of the worst endings ever. The only thing I can say is hopefully they can make a movie with a better ending but as far as this set goes your on your own.

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