Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tonight's Show Postponed Till Tomorrow at 9 PM EST

Why? The Big Thor 2 Movie Review! That's Why!
And Thursday is our back up day anyways plus a major
announcement for you music fans.
See you then at 9 PM EST.

Update 2 points of interest which I have mention before:
Are people tired of super heroes?, apparently Fox doesn't think so.
If nobody shows up to begin with at the theatres what choice will they have?
This was funny but still a good movie.

Update: Tonights show Time Stamp:
1 - Updates on You Tube accounts, Superman BR Review article (not my review), 2 book review,
all things NY. ..0-23m
2. Thor 2 review with James Bond Reference. 23- 38m
3. Enders Game with Star References along with Death Star app game. 38 - 55m
4. Explanation of the new Monday links and Tuesday reviews days along with tidbits, announcements
and other in betweens. 55- 1:15m

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