Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

Cool video on the making of with visual effects. There's a second video behind that one also on behind the scenes. This is the next big one I'm looking forward to after Transformers.

While Eastwood himself is a musician this should have been directed by Martin Scorcese especially with heJoe Pesci connection. (Goodfellas)  Scorses has done The Last Watlz (The Band, Neil Young) Shine a Light (Rolling Stones) Living in a Material World (George Harrison, Beatles) and he started as an Editor with the Woodstock film. And now he is producing a Rock & Rool show for HBO.
Anyways I guess Clint a badass himself and musician does makes sense but he is a Los Angelas badass and Scorsese....well he is a East Coast Badass..what can I tell you...Fuggedaboutit!

And this the reason why the other studios are so busy rushing getting Justice League, Sinister 6 and others out there. Not good film planning if you ask me.

First if anyone read the books like George Lucas has you would know that Star Wars ripped of a lot from the Carter books along with Flash Gorden, since he wanted to make Flash but got turned down.
I always defended this film and got flack for it so it would be great if this would happen. And the timing would be perfect with all the SCi-Fi that is getting produced now.

Well it worked for WWZ and now that's playing on Netflix in its unrated version and people are seeing it twice to see what they missed the first time around. And there's always the unrated version on Blu-ray so it doesn't matter anyways. And if it's that good you would want to see twice for the fun of it. For me I would like to see a Part 4 and 5. Shame Seagul is still a no show.

But this needs a rest. Love the RAmbo movies but now he would be a consultant on warfare and
not actually engaging the enemy. At least not as a solo action hero. Now thats over the top.

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