Monday, June 23, 2014

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First let talk Box Office:
My question is why release this in the summer. If anything it should have been released for July 4th if they wanted a summer spot. Or right move would have been to release it for the Xmas Holidays as a contender for Oscar since the Academy loves Clint. Oh well for the summer, Wipe Out!
My question is where is Amazing Spidey 2? That's right the studio is keeping hush. Over $250M plus $150 marketing or that is the rumour. And he's not the only one. Caps and X-men are also up there. And all these made JUST $700M appx. Not much of a profit especially when the last 2 Pirates did over  $1 Billion each.
AS of this week looks like The Big G will clear the $500M mark. But the curious question by how much more?
Read the comments as Big G are given Batman references My favorite is Mothra to Catwoman and King Gidorah to Joker. Gotta love it.

Leftover from last week and one nobody saw coming:
Who? While I love time travel stories no matter how silly I just don't get this connection.
And many people hated Looper so how this is going down is beyond me?
This is a subject about talk shows that I've been asked and didn't have a chance to mention on the shows. Thanks to this article now I will. I mean I have to being a Nu

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???? Found this by mistake. Surprise the heck out of me...
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