Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Links and News For The Week.

Time for us to cach up with old news and future news. And after the Lego Movie I have no problem visiting the past to see these on the big screen.
And it's about time Sonic and crew got their due.
This would be a lot of fun and a step up from the animation series.

A lot more links coming but in the meantime lets check out the results on the Box Office Results
for this year. And te interesting thing is that Box Office Mojo are the experts even they got the numbers wrong. Pick your favorite movie and compare between the 2 lists.
What it comes down to that the Box Office numbers is off by $50 Million give or take.
This report is thier predictions for the summer blockbusters.
And for this week these are the actual numbers on how much these movies have made in the USA.
Best example look at hte numbers for "Million Ways to Die in the West" way off. Ouch!

This is no way to say that the folks at BO Mojo are wrong in thier expertise.
This is just to note that the audience are so picky nowadays its hard to say what they want.
There will be a follow up in July and at the summer.

Of the famous quote from Oscar Winner Script Writer William Goldman who wrote the following
Princess Bride, All The Presidents Men, Bridge to Far....and more:

"Nobody Know Anything"

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