Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links with Videos

All of todays links have videos attached beginning with 4 Avengers Ultron Videos with Thor, Caps, Iron Man behind the scenes. Actually the last 2 are recuts showing Thors use of the hammer. But still cool either way. Also new Blog Talk Radio Promo!


Original article where the video came from.

This will have 2 fanboy groups, the superheros fans and the Star Wars Fans.
And it has Troma's James Gunn directing this I can't see this failing at the boxoffice.
But then again who the hell knows nowadays.

Apes ready to go apeshit. I'm a huge Planet of the Apes fan so I'm going to be behind this all the way.
Well the first one worked. Just hope this franchise will contine. Thye did drop a lot of easter eggs in the first movie about that so lets see how this goes.

Is there too many stars in Expendables 3. Look at X-men there's always someone not getting enough screen time. Just up the action and nobody would be able to tell.

A new promo for The Big Show is now playing. Listen to Big G roar! Nice reverb, lol.

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