Monday, June 09, 2014

Live Show Now Playing on You Tube

Part 1 of  our live show from June 7 is now playing. We catch up with our top 10 best of the year so far, Godzilla talk and a big shout out to our Godzilla Community page on Google Plus.

Due a tech problem so  I had to split the show into 2 15 minutes segments. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow before a new Blog Talk Radio Show premieres this week.

Also the latest news for us Kaiju fans is that Del Toro has announced that  he is working on a new Pacific Rim 2 script.

And we are still waiting for Godzilla to open in China and Japan to open to get the final box office figures on that.

At Times Square, NYC after the show. That is the famous Red Steps behind me in which Spiderman  fought Electro in the big fight scene in the middle of the picture.

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