Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fridays Movie News Links and Reviews

2 reviews and the rest of the weeks news. But I will start with one of my favorites of the Year:
Snowpiercer with Captain America's Chris Evans. For those who say he is not a big deal of an actor.
Well this should change everyone opinion.

Update: Saturday June 28
Transformers 4: 3 - Got to give it to director Bay. You get your money's worth since every Penny they spent on this is up on the screen. This is strictly for Robot fans since this is about dumb fun as the last one. But Walhberg makes this journey. Now about that editing.........
I saw this back in PR thanks to someone sending me a promo copy back in April. And been speakly
highly of this film since. It was even a highlight on our last live show on MNN now palying on Youtube:
Well the above Rolling Stones article explains what the films is about. I loved the Director's film
The Host so his footprints of action and sci-fi is all here. And lucky we are getting the getting the full 2 hour plus cut cause this is one film that DOES NOT need to be cut down. An arguement I've been saying for the past months. Well now its up to you. Enjoy the film. Can't wait for the Blu-ray.
I give this film a 4 out of 5. Wish they had subtitles for the Japanese actors is my only glitch.,manual,manual,manual#!4r2x4
A follow up to a previous post as the most expensive films ever. This is a top 20 list and yep,
Spidey 2 is there like I thought. While Pirates might be the most costly but it did get over $1 Billion at the box office. Unlike theother films which are are barely breaking even or just make a few million.
Remember this: That few million they make goes into making the next film of their choice. These movies don't turn a big profit they can go out of business.
New Godzilla Game coming to the US. You can play as different Godzillas from 1954 to Present.
Now thats cool. But it sofr PS4 and not Xbox. Well Sony does own the rights to most GZ films.
How he is going to pull this off should be interesting. But then again he ruined Iron Man 3.
Manderin is a WHAT?

Unsung hero if you ask me. There is a great bok I mentioned a few months back and its called:
"The True Adventures of the Worlds Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Inidan Jones, etc by
Vic Armstrong. He talks about all the same films as TerryRichards as they both worked together and he is mentioned quite a bit in the book. They both worked on the same films together.
It's great read and some really cool stuff on behind the scences.

We are doing another live show next week for July 4. Lotsa goodies to talk about then
the ig specials like I promised.

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