Thursday, June 12, 2014

Movie News Links

Trying to catch up on some news for the week but for us Sci-Fi fans and animation its been fun.

Big Surprise:
It took them that look to make this. And no disrepect to "Make It So, Number One" Director Frakes but now we can a real Thunderballs movie..

Star Wars Fans:
Here is my bragging rights of 24 years. Not only I've met Mr. Hamill but had the honored to interview him while he was promoting Wing Commander and at that time trying to push
his comic version of Black Pearl to the big screen. That tape is still in the box and hopefully
I'll put that up on Youtube soon. But I can can you this. HE IS THE REAL DEAL.!
Harrison Ford hurting himself. Lucky it wasn't worse. He did do a lot of his stunts in the last Inday film and didnt get hurt. He did say he wanted for Solo do die in the franchise but not this way, lol.
This is so cool as a fan of Worlds End and much more he should belong in EP7. Enuff said.

Sci-Fi Fans:
I love this filmed while I don't recommend reading this article until you see the movie first, I'm putting this out there because it's that good and  i stand supporting it on my blog. Bookmark and save after seeing the movie.YES It's that GOOD!
Lets face it, this film looks like crap, while a smart film like Edge does badly at the box office they feel they have to protect a film that just looks this stupid to begin with. Where's the justice?

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