Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Movie Links News & Musicals?

Now before everyone thinks these ideas are weird, remember back in the 1960's there was a
Superman Musical on Broadway.(See link below). Recently Spidey closed down in NYC after 2 years and even Planet of the Apes musical was on The Simpsons or what was that Family Guy.
Hey this guy can sing as he proved on Sound of Music which was huge hit on NBC. And Annie got an Oscar for the Piano and it worked for Wolverine when Hugh Jackman did Boy from Oz on Broadway and got a Tony Award!
Well what's next?....
YEAH why not? X-Men The Musical featuring the hit song: "They call me Wheels"
And don't get me started with Wolverine's solo song: "Fuck Off"
Kinda cute but check out the behind the scenes making of. Very inventive. Good for them.
But I still prefer the Family Guy SW Trilogy. Ok Return Jedi sucked but still.
This will be use as reference for my Godzilla 2014 "Big Hit in China" Review.
Also check out the commentary on Godzilla 2000 DVD as there is a reference to that too.
Which leads me to....
We all love to see this happen but how does everyone feel about that Destruction Porn Josh was talking about. WHO THE HELL CARES! I can never get enough of seing Tanks flying over my head.

Really, you think I make this shit up?

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