Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video Links with Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews:
Escape Plan: 3 - This was fun. Actually while Stallone is playing the macho hero of the film it's Arnold who says lets have fun this and rescues the movie before Sly goes into his over the top dramatic role. Just think of "Daylight". Way better than "Bullet in the Head" lame 80's retread style and 'Last Stand' Where Arnuld looks just plain tired with only mano to mano could barely save that movie at the end. And yes Arnuld carries the tradition of one liners: "You fight like a vegetarian" Gotta love it.

Captain Phillips: 3 - Hanks saves the day or movie as you know the story but he manages you to care throughout the whole ordeal. This could have been a HBO cable special as the second half goes on way too long. But Hanks goes for his Oscar at the last 10 minutes and he's worth it.

Carrie: 2 - While both actresses do their best to save this movie, it's just hopeless. A needless remake.
Only does the finale 20 minutes does the real good stuff happens, by then I was ready to head out the door.

Blu-ray Reviews:
Conjuring: 1 - Only at the end it gave me a good boo just to wake me up with this bore fest. And some people swear to this movie. I swear I'll never see this again even if it does have a bunch of features.

Internship: 0 - The biggest promo for Google, shame on you guys like you need it. Next time include the comedy, that would have been fun. This was on the shelf at my local library. I notice it had a commentary on the the disc. Life's to short, I put it back on the shelf. They already took 2 hours of my life.

Tombstone of the Dead: 3 - Trejo does play a mean ass cowboy, I reviewed the movie before on my Horror special on BTR. I'm hoping to get to the features as I still didn't pick this up. But having Mickey Rourke as Satan  is a sure goof.

Why Escape Plan bombed at the box office:

First here are some video links. Make sure you scroll down since some of the videos are on the bottom of the page:

Let's face it. Fast is coming the Expendables with it's multi cast but at least it's a lot more fun. Sorry Sly.

Talking about Sly here is Arnuld doing some of his famous lines. It shows he's sense of humor. Sorry Sly.

Wires and Green screen but out of all the solo Marvel movies Thor 1 really worked. This one will also work.

The Hobbit 2: No videos but 5 links within the page for the set and interviews Including Sir Ian.

Movie reviews coming later tonight including Carrie -2, Escape Plan - 3.

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