Friday, October 25, 2013

New Show Tomorrow on MNN

New show tomorrow on MNN at 5 PM, our Halloween Special.
Because of this show and our previous show on Wednesday I postponed the Music Show
to avoid confusion between the shows. That show will be presented on Monday.

In the meantime here is the time stamp for our show this past Wednesday:

1. Announcements: Pacific Rim, Info on Future Shows, Apple Garageband, Music Shows. 0-9m
2. PBS Special Great Powers, Super Heroes Marvel Vs. DC Comics and Star Wars 9m - 14m
3. Franchises and will people get tired? Horror movies, Star Trek, Star Wars  14m- 23m
4. Merchandising, my hobbies like model making, collectibles 23m - 28m
5. Forbes Articles on Macho Movies and Escape Plan with Sly and Arnold, Riddick and
second life and Blu-ray 28m - 40m
6. Final Announcements on my schedule for the rest of the year. 40m - 50m
7. Move music news on Sir Elton Rocketman and Queen Freddie Mercury with James Bond Q.

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