Monday, October 21, 2013

Links To a Few Interesting Articles
Last minute add. At least we know what's going to be on the Blu-ray when it gets released.
Grew up with Sir Lee as Count Dracula and to see him in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings was great to see.
Shame his "Scream" buddies Peter Cushing and Vincent Price are not around to see this but they would have been proud. No comment on Depps hair, still made at him for Lone Ranger.
Talk about Star Wars, as I mention on a previous post in which Disney wants to take over the world with the SW Franchise, now Marvel is going ahead and doing the same. But when is too much is too much. Will
people get tired of the franchise and try to find something new? Nah, they made IM3 a billion bucks.
He deserves it. Hope he gets it. I don't se anyone calling up Tom Cruise for this franchise. Remember Tom turned down Pacific Rim for Oblivion, a one shot deal with no franchise future. And Idris got the gig. Cool.
YES! It's about time. That Evil Dead reboot sucked so bad it's in my top 10 of 2013 worst.
Let Campbell and Raimi take charge of this instead of another bad reboot to the series.
Great actor but this is so embarrassing. But he's not alone. Machete Kills already off the top 10 after only 2 weeks. No. 4 premiere to No. 12 in the second week at the Box Office. Ouch!

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