Monday, October 28, 2013

Links for Monday and this weeks Halloween Show.

Update: 7 pm
We moved up our Halloween show to Tomorrow as my guest host can only make it for that day.
This has cause me to bump the music show to this Friday we have the Live show from MNN this past Saturday now playing and we thought this would be too much for people to catch up.

Here are few links:
Translation: "I finally get my FUCK YOU  money and will retire with these 2 franchises and not do crap
like Paranoid and Ender's Game. Yours truly Harrison Ford" But notice they had to dangle Indy 5 to
get him to do Star Wars.
The key word here would they use this footage for a new Blu-ray Bundle? Of course.
Now it's Disney's turn to put their label on the previous trilogies to re-release them in time for the new trilogy.
And the blooper reel that was hiding is finally uploaded on You Tube.
A sequel to the remake of Evil Dead? NO! Army of Darkness 2? YES!
The idea of putting Ash and Mia together for a final blowout?
Yeah like putting Jason and Freddie together and look how that turned out. But the idea is different.
a Sequel spinoff to Expandables? Hell why not! Streep is the brains of the operation and everyone kicks ass, which reminds me don't they forget our Hit Girl from Kick Ass. Our little girl Chloe Grace Moretz has grown up to be a find young actress in her own right. And now she can star in this to....KICK MORE ASS!
Att he end of the article they mentioned both teams might match up. Bring it on!
Now I did mention that macho movies have bombed this year but not when you put them in a all star cast ensemble and works like a charm. This has to work.
I know, nobody really cares. It's just the industry slapping its own back. But I always make a bet
with friends and mentioned on the show with my predictions. And as far as with prediciting the winners
I've been doing pretty good the past few years. Everyone thought "Lincoln" was going to be the big
winner and I stuck by Argo since it premiered in October of that year all the way till Oscar night.
And guess what? HA HA....
So far this year for me it's Hanks, Elijor, Bullock for Best Actors...
As far as Picture, not yet but where is "42" for any nods on this list? Han Solo deserves a nod.
And the big surprise of the year "Instructions Not Included" The Mexican comedy that most
critics missed or didn't get. Rotten Tomatoes are on my shit list. They have no fucking clues about movie.
the gave crapfest IM3 over 90% and this import got bombed so a Big FU to RT.
The best Dramedy of the year and an ending twist that you don't see coming. How sad was the ending.
I fucking lost it at the end. That sad. Yep, a nod for Best Picture.
PS there is subtitles for the first hour but then goes mostly English so It's not really a 'foreign' picture
even through it was produced in Mexico. More details on the show.

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