Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Mini-Reviews Mentioned On The Show

Here are some leftovers from Tuesday list that was mentioned on BTR show this week.
Behind the scenes article for Gravity effects.

The Exorcist: 4 - Rating from the first BR release which I enjoyed with features and booklet. But this version has two new extras at 20 minutes each. Is it worth the upgrade? If you didn't get the first time then it's worth it. But like me since I have the first release how many times am I going to see those 2 features?

The Purge: 1 - Idea is just a variation from Assault from Precint 13th which was an idea that John Carpenter got from John Wayne's Rio Bravo. He actually mentions it on the commentary on Rio Bravo! Boring movie with only a great shootout at the end when Ethan Hawke goes nuts but then it has a unneccesary twist at the end which kills the movie.

Nothing Left to Fear: 1 - Tries to hard to be creepy but too long and too boring. And Slash music doesn't fit half the time. What's up with that? Not missing anything unless you can't sleep. This might help.

The Fly 1958: 5 - Classic Vincent Price movie with David Hedison (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV Series) as The Fly.  Great upgrade on the Blu-ray with extras carried over from the DVD.

Time Stamp on previous list will be up for this weekend before my MNN show on Saturday as promised.

Also second music show will premiere tomorrow on my Furankisan Widget.

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