Monday, October 14, 2013

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AS I mentioned in my last BTR show, Disney built a theme park based on "The Black Cauldrone" which bombed, both the park and the movie. But with technology today this looks like on the money. Yeah I want to go back to Pandora. Note: Scroll down to bottom of page and see the making of Video hosted by
James Cameron. Looks so cool.
I don't get this. While the movie did good at the box office most agree that it was a disappointment
and the Blu-ray sold only ok. So forget about another movie franchise sequel but how about a cable show, but..........5 shows?!?! yep 5 different shows all on different cable stations. But they are all going for the
adult dark side angle. Oh hell no! Loved the box set but this is not really necessary.
Finally Hollywood is getting the hint. Well at least to the Board Games angle. I'm glad we are not going to get most of these and whatever is lying around or the green light, it will be a disaster. So good news here.
Never read the book, couldn't care less. But me being a True Blood fan and Skarsgard so good in it, along with the rest of the cast of course, that I wouldn't mind him having a hit. He could use this. He's made a few pictures and non have made him a star, no fault of his of course. Ok maybe a better Agent. And having Battleship on the resume does not help matters. And this being the last season for Blood, is he going to stay on cable, which is not a bad deal nowadays or will he have his bit shot at the cinema? Sure wasn't for lack of trying. (seriously, he's got to do something about his Agent, LOL).

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