Friday, October 04, 2013

Full List of B&W 2013 Pt.1 Horror Films

By request this is the full list of contents for this show. Full list for pt. 2 coming tomorrow & pt. 3 when that premieres it will also be listed here. Also included are trivia and tidbits in between.

1. Announcements, 9/11, South Street Seaport -
2. Film Forum NYC, Ray Harryhausen films - 7m
3. Midtown Comics, Star Wars and Planet of the Apes comics - 11m
4. WWZ, Bob Burgers, Dexter, Ravenous - 22m
5. Zombie (Del Toro), The Colony, Warm Bodies, Day of the Dead Blu-ray, 30m
Halloween 35th anniversary
6. You Tube clips: Q Flying Serpent, Grey Lady Down - 40m
7. Swamp Thing, Incredible Man, Street Trash,  Lifeforce, Texas Chain Saw -46m
8. The Howling, David Allen tribute, Robojox, Pacific Rim quick mention - 57m
9. John Carpenter's Blu Rays butchered: The Thing, Escape from NY, Big Trouble in Little China -60m
10. Friday 13th Box Set, Crystal Lake Memories Disc Set, Bay of Blood -63m
11. The Town that Dreaded Sundown - 68m
12. From Beyond, Jeffrey Combs, Director Stuart Gordon - 69m
13. After Schock, Eli Roth, Grindhouse -70m
14. You're Next quick review - 74m
15. Uncle Lloyd: How to sell your own damn movie mention - 75m
16. Hachet 3, Frankenstein's Army 76m
17. Chillerama - 84M

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