Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mini Reviews for Tuesday

BTR show might be postpone tomorrow due to I just picked up Pacific Rim Blu-ray and has a lot more
features than I thought and might not have time to cover all the details. This is one film I must. Full review
will be done on the live show.
Remember to check both IMDB.com and DVDtalk.com for details on the pictures as these are my opinions as a fan and not as a critic. You saw what I did with IM3. And I still refuse to review the BR on that one.

Pacific Rim: 4 - For the Picture itself. Only complaint was that for a Big Creature picture it should have been a bit shorter. Knowing me, commentary, picture in picture, shitload of features, I'll give this a 5 for the BR.

The Heat: 2 - 2 great female leads wasted on a typical buddy cop movie. But why does this have so many commentaries including from MSK3000? Both deserved better material.

Shrek the Musical: 4 - The Broadway musical was filmed in NYC and this was fun. Great camera work
puts you in front role for the whole production which was very well produced. While some of the musical
score was kind of weak, a very big deal with me, the actors really put their heart into it. Example: Spiderman: Into the Dark. Great Production, horrible score. Living in NYC I still have yet to see it.

The Eagle Has Landed: 3 - Micheal Caine and fellow Germans try to kidnap Churchill in this WW2
drama. It's a bit slow until the second hour when Larry Hagman! and US troops to macho to macho
against the German troops. All star cast is what makes this a big deal for and the story is from the German point of view. Written by Tom Mankiewicz (James Bond) and Directed John Sturges (The Great Escape and last film) this is old school before Steven Speilberg.

Weird Science: 4 - Remember this one? Bill Paxton get turn into a giant turd? Yes it's a dated 1980's flick, think of Back to the Future but a lot of fun. I'm going by memory as this has a 4 part documentary with star
Anthonhy Micheal Hall which I haven't seen. The package refers this as a 'Remember the 80's" film. Cute.

Maniac: 2 - Poor Toby Mcquire. Spiderman to boring slasher flick. While it does have a 70's style of music and camera work, think of Halloween, it has the right amount of gore without going overboard with the scalping. But Toby's point of view (for most of the movie)  this gets tired really fast.  For you horror fans this could be a 2 for Tuesday with Redbox or Netflix. Saw this with a guest past a few months back, not the BR but it does have a short making of feature.

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