Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mini reviews For Tuesday

Movies and Blu-ray releases: Ratings from 1 to 5, Worst to Best. All details will be on the live show.

Gravity: 4 - Oscar nods for Best Picture, Director and for Bullock for Best Actress, this film shows that
Oscar from before was not a joke. She really carries the show here. Oscar for SFX, excellent.

Runner Runner: 1 - Not Afflecks fault but Justin needs to keep with comedies or just guest host SNL
for the rest of his life. This should go on top 10 list of worst for the year but damn that list is crowded already.

Prisoners: 3 - Directors please cut down your movies, your are not directing all time classics. But this ending did get to me as it left me hanging in suspense. Jackman pulls it off again for another Oscar nod.

Chucky 6: 3 - Back to old school but it does drag for a while and no budget what so ever but what makes it worth going back as this is a Direct sequel to a franchise with cameos from the other movies and 3 multiple endings after the credits! But what about the Scars? Where are they? Oh they are there alright.

Zombie Hunter: 2 - Spoiler! Danny Trejo is in only 3 scenes and is out of the movie by 45 minutes in.
Very Japanese like with it's pink splatter of blood but I did like the Stop Motion of the giant creatures
aka Resident Evil video game. Some cool boy count but some of the editing drove me nuts.

After Earth: 2 - Good try by Shamalaya Caca but it plays like a Sy Fy movie with a better budget.
Wills son fights a giant bed bug. Few features but no commentary. Good. Don't want to hear he's excuse.

Hangover 3: 1- Hated this whole franchise, sick of that asian dude. and Billy Joel songs were wasted.

Star Wars Both Trilogies: 2 - Re-released again without the bonus features! Just the commentaries.
It's cheaper in price but what's the point? And still no Christmas special! LOL.

Honorable Mentions: These are release on BR now but these reviews are based on the original DVD release are they are essentially the same including the bonus features:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: 4 - The original movie by Irwin Allen with All star cast.
Fantastic Voyage: 4 - James Cameron was going to remake this. Shame it's not on his list anymore.
Note: Both of these were release together on one disc. Separate now but still worth it.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: 4 - Steve Martin and Micheal Caine as con artists. Funnier than most comedies this year. Now this is comedic writing.

Stalag 17: 4 - Classic WW2 with an all star cast, old school of course, but great. See IMDB to see how many actors you remember. Fans of The Great Escape will love this.

Note: The Purge and Nothing Left to Fear by Rock Guitarest Slash Productions coming later this week.

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