Saturday, October 05, 2013

Full List for the Best and Worst of 2013 Pt. 2 Macho Films

By request here is the list of contents for this show in which I invited a gentleman from G Plus to be a guest host on the show:

1. Introduction of David Skolnick
2. Movies: Rush, Gumball Rally, Jobs - 5m
3. "42" and Baseball - 10m
4. VOD Movies: AS I Lie Dying, Empire State, Switch, Dwayne Johnson - 21m
5. Dolph Lundgren, One for a Chamber, Blood of Redemption, Midnight Meat Train, Clive Barker
Steve Cold Austin, Vinnie Jones, The Condemned 2007 (The movie we couldn't think of the title)
Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Old Boy, Spike Lee - 33m
6. Nicholas Cage, Frozen Ground, John Travolta, Killing Season, Jason Statham, Redemption
Deniro, The Family - 40m
7. Danny Trejo, The Contractor - 57m
8. Blacklist, Agents of Shield, tv shows - 58m
9. David Says Goodbye - 65m
10. Recap from last week: Karen Black, Oogle Boogle, Trilogy of Terror
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