Monday, October 31, 2016

Madea Wins Halloween

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Halloween 2016. New Live on MNN this Saturday.
John Carpenter Live plays Halloween Theme video, posted below links.

All these excuses on why the fall box office has failed. I'll make it simpler: "Is this movie worth going to and spend $101 bucks or should I wait for home release aka Redbox or Netflix" DUH!

Madea Rocks! Finally justice at the B.O. where 2 Oscar winners couldn't beat a guy in a dress. Pretty funny when you think about it. We love Hanks and Howard but when a movie stinks, it stinks as Inferno does. But they are making their money overseas anyways where as Madea is not big overseas, so it's great Tyler Perry is No. 1 two weekends in a row.
Mini-Review: 3 out of 5. The laughs were there and we see both Madea and Perry in the same scenes via split screen which adds to the story. And a slick funny ending with a lesson to be told. If only Perry edited it down a bit as a ran longer than it should have. Oh well, next time.
The original Zombie Director. Funny how he's kind of annoyed with Pitt and Walking Dead. While he mentions other films he doesn't mention the Italian films that cashed in the 190's. Too many to mention but they were kind of fun. . One that G Del Toro loves is Zombie. Check that one out.
This was the big deal when they were looking for actors to be in explicit nude scenes. Yep they admit they got some idea  from Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut. Translation. YAWN!, Wow how can a nude scene be so friggin boring. As far as the rest of the show, less said the better. Even the producers are wondering....check out the next link.
I thought they had this figured out and committed to a 5 year season story arc. Talk about a turn about. That other show "Vinyl" really scared HBO didn't it. That price tag doesn't help matters either.

Bonus: John Carpenter Live! Halloween Theme.

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