Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holiday Movie Previews

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So Inferno is going to have a hard time tobe No. 1. While Cruise films was Meh people still love Madea for Halloween. So will Madea still claim that spot We'll find enough tomorrow.

Jack Rachear 2: 2 out of 5. Same old tired macho flix  Been there done that. BUT better than...
Inferno: 1 out of 5. Didn't like the first two. So damn over rated (also got 1's). But you couldn't care less about saving the human race in this one. At the end you wish very one got it including the producers of this boring crap.
Lets face it. Big one for the season is Rogue One that everyone is looking forward to. But those reshoots didn't help maters and even Disney made that statement about not being big at the boxoffice like The Force Awakens. But how about the others?

My Picks:
Rougue One: Duh regardless if Garath screwed this up.
Hacksaw Ridge: Mel is back directing. Loved Apocalypto, very underrated.
Arrival: Where ID2 failed but this time are chilling? Well it's got Amy Adams. Good enough.
Passengers: Sci-fi with Chris Patt. Sounds good. (I know, what a coup out).
Monster's Call: Where BFG failed but maybe a giant tree will do better.

Honorable mentions:
Billy Lynns Walk: Ang Lee and Vin Diesel in the same movie. Well that's different.
Fantastic Beasts: NYC in the 1920's with great effects. (I know JK Rowlings franchise again)
Rules Don't Apply: Dick Tracy playing Howard Hughes with a Young Han Solo. But Beatty knows Directing and that Scorsese Bio film sucked. Beatty also came close to being Superman too.
More on the rest of December on the next blog.
Not a good sign for the production. Yeah sure he still gets to keep his Executive Producer Credit but when it comes to the writers room meetings, he won't be able to say jack. So if the other producers want to go to left field out of nowhere, they can do it without any complaints. Which is going to happen once they did that. Again not a good sign for the show.
Finally we're getting Incredibles, a superhero movie 10 years late. But at least it's finally getting made. And you can never get tired of a new Toy Story. And hopefully Pixar will give these sequels a break and come out with more original stories. That's what the sequels are for. To genenrate enough money to make new films. Well that's the logic but not with Hollywood of course.

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