Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Batman No. 1 Again

Live on MNN this Saturday: Halloween Special but before that, New Blog Talk Radio Show.
See Mickey Mouse cartoon below links. That explains the Disney article, lol.

Found out got a long shoot at MSG tomorrow so Radio show and next blog will be this Friday.
4 videos of behind the scenes so cool I decided to added to this blog.

Batman does it again, I mean Affleck, at the box office considering what a slow Fall season it's been.
A Kevin Hart does it with 3 wins this year especially with "Pets" hitting the top 50 of the year at the box office. Shame can't be said for Max Steel. Who? Exactly.

Already renewed and we still don't know who gets the Baseball bat. This article does mention the comic book where Negan beats Glenn to death but they have been changing some of the concepts from the comic compared to the show. So who knows. And didn't they 'killed of Glenn" before?
All I know they kill of Needus this show is over, lol.

While we have Disney braggng about this, they still don't that much hope for RogueOne, which is really strange. Or that they know it can't compete with Force Awakens as far as the money goes. But if anyone should be concern with this should be Sony and Fox with their X-men and F4 franchises go. Disney one day will own all this so don't be surprise kiddies.

Translation: Emmerich was hoping for this franchise to last and so know he's talking about tv/cable like War of the Worlds? I backed ID sequel and was pissed off how bad it was. I'm still having problems with HBO Westworld so ID and War Worlds can both take a break as far as I'm concern.

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