Thursday, October 06, 2016

DeepWater to Battle 3 Flops This Weekend.

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Above poster from the Original Classic film starring Yul Brynner and James Brolin . See video below in the bonus section to see Brolin auditioning for James Bond.
With rumours of 30 to 60 minutes cut from the film we just get 13 extra minutes. Watch out, here comes the double dipping for the Exclusive Premium Directors Ultimate Super Extended Cut (but not the last edition). With 6 different cuts quoted from Director Ayers himself. Expect the studio to milk this for the next 5 years. Well they have to make up for the money lost not having the film release in China.
A follow up ot the last article I posted on the last blog. It mentions other shows that also carry big budgets. How wonder the studios are nervous with the ratings matching the the price tags on these shows. The big surprise is at the bottom of the article where it states the two part of Star Trek Voyager pilot costs $23M back in the 1990's. That's a lot of money for a show that had a bad concept to begin with.
Why does all point toa movie that's going to suck. Unless there's a surprise twist to continue this franchise with Jackman or a complete reboot no what X-Men has gone to TV. But I wonder how much Stewart is getting for him to come back. That's my question since it's obvious he's done with all this.
They should have thought about releasing this for the Holidays. Besides Doc Strange and Star Wars, is there anything else toreally go out and see this season?
So how many monkees on the laptop it took to come up with this title. At least we don't get dumber titles like BR: The return of electric sheep, The sheep are dreaming again, well you get the idea if you know Philip K Dicks original story.
A miss opportunity since Prince was picky on what projects he would work on that he was not in control of. But it would have been interesting to say the least. One of many things he had plan butwill never see the light of day. Well maybe some things eventually.

James Brolin Audition as James Bond.

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