Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Supergirl Super Ratings

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Hey! Look who else is a Supergirl fan! Scroll down below links for bonus picture, hee hee.

Guess having Superman on the show didn't hurt.. And moving to CW didn't matter with the hardcore fans either. Great start for the new season. And CBS was complaining on spending $3M an episode.
Good move by CW for having the last laugh. (well they could spend a little more on that green screen, it still looks terrible but still a fun show, hear that Agents of...oh never mind).

The little fish that could. The second biggest from Pixar behind Toy Story. And both Disney and Pixar didn't want to go ahead with this for years. And who has another last laugh?  Ellen Dory! LOL.

Everything is pointing to Hanks getting an Oscar nod for the movie. Well he deserves it and the movie should get a Best Picture nod also. A few months ago "Birth of a Nation" was getting all the raves butthe audience turned it's back on that big time due to the controversy and tanking at the box office didn't help matters either. But then again there is still no film out there that's worth Oscar. And with only 2 months ago it looks like we're going to get another boring Oscar show. s

The comments all the internet are screaming at this one: No Robin Williams and this is not going to work. Watch the comedian Aziz take over the role. Ritchie should do Sherlock 3. And last enough with these Live action from Disney. Man, the internet is tough.

Interesting quote: sharing the proceeds 3 ways for the characters. Well another last laugh for Campbell. Ash got renewed for a third year. "Who's laughing now?"

They should just give up on this all together. All 3 reboots sucked with Nightmare, Friday 13th,  Halloweenand Texas Chainsaw.  Even if Englund has a good idea the studios would find a way to screw it up like they did with the rest of these. They all belong in a time capsule. Let it be. And let's not start with Saw Part 56 or whatever. They still want to go ahead with that one. Jeez.

Teh Fraggle are back but what happen to the movie? Guess after the last Muppets movie tanked that idea was cancelled. Shame. But we get Live Disney right?

Bonus Picture:

Better than posting our Live show, right? LOL. PS Live on MNN, Oct. 8 extended edition is now playing on Youtube.

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