Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Rogue One Trailer News

New Radio show coming very soon: "The Big Catching Up Show." No Live on MNN this weekend.
Wowo over $30M in reshoots just to get this right.But is it worth it What, with a cameo by Darth Vadar? Hell Yeah! Still don't get Disney actually not having faith in this with that statement it's not goin to be as successful as Force Awakens. Man that is troubling to say the least.
This includes 69 screenshots broken down from the trailer. Great to choose from for you gadgets, I know I use them too.
CAn Batman save the boxoffice this weekend. Only if he wears the cape. And to think that over 2 years ago his name was mention and the internet was going to hell in a hand basket.
 "Affleck as Batman? Noooooooooo!" How things change. Now do we want to see him as an accountant. Well if anyone can pull it off it's Affleck. If the material doesn't fail him that is.
With Shin Gojira playing in theaters now (nope haven't seen it yet) it figures they try to tie this in somehow with the American Godzilla and King Kong. More of a tease than anything else as it barely mentions how they are going to have to giants fight it out. But it's good to know it's coming our way down the line.
For crying out loud the film hasn't even come out and already they jumping on the franchise band wagon. I hope this crashes and burn and leave the studio broke. It's this very obnoxious point of view is why they are losing theater goers. Ain't JK rich enough? Back to Netflix binging is all I can say.
Why? Only the original from the 1950's is the true classic and even if Spielberg did put alot of things in from the book in his remake of the film, it still sucked compare to the classic. And forget about a tv series. It's been done along with other remakes and they still screwed it up. Something so simple by HG Wells and still can't get it right. The desperation just reeks from milking the title alone.

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