Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Deepwater Horizon: The Better Picture At The B.O.

Live on MNN this Saturday with a new Radio Show coming before than.
Deepwater Horizon: 4 out of 5.
Miss P Home for P Children: 1. One of Burton's worst film ever. Boring as hell.  Full trashing review on the radio show.
Storks: 3 out of 5, while it had some funny parts, the wolves stole the show,.And while it did have a lot of action, it was way too noisy and loud in some parts
Westworld: 3 out of 5 mainly for the actors who looked more bored than I was watching this.

This is right up there with Sully. A great double header for a Saturday night. And this should get a few nods with tech awards when Oscars come around next year. Director Berg and Mark make a great team. Check out the underrated "Lone Soldier". (4 out of 5) You know the story but still tense as ever. As far as the film itself, every penny is up on that screen. See Bonus below for article on the making of.

This was pretty much a let down. I doubt they can last more than 2 seasons before people get bored.
My main problem was The Gunslinger (played by Yul Brynner in Magnificent 7 then in The Movie Westworld is human. Not a robot. What!??? And the young couple are the robots. Why change the concept. And already in the first episode they come up with a virus in the upgrade with therobots. They should have showed the wonder of Westworld and all that it offers then slowly introduce whats goin wrong in future episodes. Didn't the writers watch Jurassic World? Same concept. They introduce the amusement park then "Where did that dinosuar go?" Oh-oh...

What, no Joker? Finally! With Affleck behind this and a new villain hopefully this will make up the the past two failures this year BvS and Squad, two big miss fires for sure.

Another live remake that nobody was askig for. Besides this has been done better By Director and Actor Barbra Streisand with Yentl. While it wasn't based on a true story it's a concept done before. But this goes out to all of Disney's remakes. Only James and the Giant Peach should get the remake as the original didn't have the budget for the stop motion needed for the film.

Great article on behind the scenes making of on the film Deep Water Horizon.

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