Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Doctor Strange Big B.O. Weekend

Note: This blog will be updated on Friday due to work load with box office prediction for the Doc.
Live on MNN this Saturday at pm.  New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Halloween show.
Bonus video below links: The Doctor in NYC behind the scenes.

Posted on Wednesday already this article is off on their predictions. Now it's looking at $85M for the weekend. And it deserves it. Saw it last night. Wow, didn't think they pulled it off. And this is not one of my favorite characters from the MCU. One for the collection on Blu-ray.

Mini-review: 4 out of 5. Cumberbatch is Strange. Fellow cast is great. SFX should be nominated for Oscar. Only peev: His training reminds me of Batman Begins. Just a little. Stay for credits to see post scene of conversation with other Avenger!
Yep it's Marvel running the show aka Kevin Feige and not the directors is why Edgar Wright left Ant-man. But this works for the film as Feige at least has a vision. Something that would not work for Warner's since the suits in charge don't have a clue what to do with DCU. So it's left to the directors to have that vision which has turned into mixed results.
Mentioned on the previous live and radios shows. It's lists Chris Evan (Caps) and Norman Reedus (Dead) making as much as $500,000. Check out the third paragraph. Mind numbing.
This is going to be huge after all the let downs in the past couple of weeks. And on top of that it has no competition. But the big surpirse will be that this is not one of the top titles in the MCU and will clean up big time. Just ask overseas where it's doing a killing.
Let me guess, he's going to play a creature with a whole lot of makeup on. The movie didn't openup yet, they got the sequel in mind (of course with Rowlings behind the scenes) and now they mention it's going to be five films all together. FIVE? Why stop there, didn't Potts get 7?.
Talk about a double edge sword. Sure it's great for Warners to have all these hits on TV. Sure the franchise makes them $1 Billion a year. But we all know that's NOT what they wanted with Marvel making Trillions of dollars on their franchise. Especially with that Flash news with directors quitting on the film. Ironic that's for sure.
Part of my childhood growing up. And of course on some of my favorite shows and episodes.
Land of the Giants and his guest appearance on Star Trek Galileo to name a few. I forgot he was on The Thing with 2 Heads (less said the better) and Uptown Saturday Night (starring Bill Cosby, less said the better) directed by Sidney Pointier, legendary actor turned director back in the 190's. Those were the days.
Hear that Hollywood? Russian-Chinese Production with 3 top stars from the hey day. But the story sounds fun but I can't believe they getting away with that title. Sounds like a machine part.

Taking a break from filming in NYC. Story to tell from a fellow background actor who was there, on the live show.

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