Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walking Dead Big Ratings

New Radio Show coming on Blog Talk Radio this week along with a new blog, just before Halloween. Live on MNN Halloween One Hour Edition Post below in bonus section:

2nd biggest opener for the show which is really surprising for this season opener. Well I didn't see those two kills coming. Well Glenn was rumour for the longest which is the one I heard about if you saw our Live on MNN show but Red getting it was a big surprise. What a sad show considering it's a Zombie show for crying out loud. The thing that got to me was Glenn almost got eaten quite a few times thru the seasons only to get a baseball to the head. Bummer. More on the radio show.

Cruise got owned by Madea. Wow that's embarrassing, lol. And a difference of $5M between them. Luckily Jack Reacher is a big hit overseas meaning we might gt another one which will bomb over here. Like it doesn't matter anyways.

Got to give it to Reynolds for this one. He's the one that struggled for 11 years to get it done and on a cheap scale which helped the movie big time. Having it made like big blockbuster with a $150M budget and it would have turn it into an overblown, over bloated generic movie which in a long run would have been a mess. I'm looking at you DC! ...that's right I said it! (no hate mails please, thx u, lol).

For crying out loud leave this alone already. Even the producers can't make up their mind what to do with this even when they got the script. Never a good sign. And look how long it took to actually getting aroundto getting this one made. Another bad sign. Poor Jason, no respect.

See ya. He should have quite a long time ago. But he does prove a point on the status of movies now a days where corporations just want to make movies to clear a the bottom line. He should have gotten his Ferrari and Yacht then.

Live on MNN Halloween Special, One Hour Edition.

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