Thursday, September 29, 2016

Burton vs. Walhberg at the Box Office.

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Check out the 4th paragraph: "Nobody seems to be in the mood to go to the movies". Well with all the new tv/cable shows premiering and binging habits that come with that, its hard for movies to compete. Especially after a crappy summer, its hard to have bi numbers at the box office. Lets face it, besides the next Star Wars, is there anything else to run to the cinema to see?
What, no Star Trek sequel? lol, well at least he won't get his hands on that franchise again. While a fun film those camera angles got me sick. But no word if there will be a ST 4 and with the TV show being push back, the franchise remains in the air.
Another classic ruined. While I'm glad Favreau has got another hit, just the idea of making these live action doesn't work for me. Jungle Book was a total bore compare to the animation and is so overrated. How the hell did it make that much money is beyond my guess.
This is a strange looking cast so far. For a family nobody looks alike what so ever. But forget that. Who is going to be Dr. Smith and what about that robot? Let's not forget, who have people behind the camera who produced and directed, Godzilla, Pacific Rim and Games of Thrones. A lot is riding on this.
2 actors who won't make a dent at the box office. Depp needs Pirates and Michelle goes back to Catwoman. Ouch. While Branagh is a great director, do we need a remake on this. Director Sidney Lumet did right the first time. See Youtube video on the making of the Lumet's movie from our website below in the bonus section. Also our last live show is also posted there.

It's an old article but I waited for a follow up to this and if Squad hasn't open ip by now then it's all over. Squad needed that extra $100M from China to beat Deadpool, which wasn't release in
China and still landed at No. 7 and BvsS which landed at No. 5 which was released in China. So Squad will remain at No. 8 until Rogue One comes out and move all the movies down a notch. But who knows where that's going to land since even the studio doesn't have high hopes for Star Wars.