Thursday, July 07, 2016

Pets Will Rule The Box Office

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Saturday Update:
$96 MIllion??? Wow nobody saw that coming. By the makers of Despicable Me and Minions. Daddy's proud. By the way, Mike and Dave need box office. Wedding Dates? Dumb friggin title.
With Dory killing the competition on 4th of July weekend that has pretty much run it's course. So of course Pets will do huge. Even tho Tarzan did better than expected that was a one shot deal. Everyone else is going to go including Trek, Bourne, Ice Age until we get to Suicide Squad. Will that be the big surprise of the summer aka Deadpool back in winter. And as mentioned on our live show, guess that big giant thing is getting worn out fast as both the Alien Queen and BFG did horrible at the box office.
Mini Review: The BFG: 3 out of 5. Regardless of reviews (aka IMDB) the biggest problem was the length of the film. This should have been no more than 80 minutes long. It dragged on way to long with a snail pace that put it dead in it's track. Other than that it had Speilberg doing his magic from the 1980's, low key charm, Good CGI, etc. Again waaaaay too long for it's own good.

Catching up news:
A little late with this  news but look at this list. Shame if the movie really does blah this summer.
Lame trailers, Blowing up the Enterprise, Spock and Uhura (let it go already), introduction of another species (guess their short on that), Sulu is gay bla bla bla and that damn song! Another 007 theme that does not match the movie. Shame they can't sue over song titles or Peter Gabriel would be rich. (10x better song by the way).
No if Cameron has his way but he gets away with it. There's no reason for this to cost a fortune. Just bad business all around.
Read the comments on this: My favorite when you scroll down: When did Green Screens get expensive? LOL.
Out of all places, lol. But it makes sense since the character comes there. Hey I was born there so that makes it pretty cool to be shared a birth place with a superhero. A damn good one at that too.
Cool, and if that works out then give hi the damn movie. You can get a lot worst to direct, remember Green Lantern?. And it keeps Smith from making those awful horror movies. That Walrus movie, uugh.

Updated Bonus:
Wow whose idea was this? ID2 tanked and BFG bombed. So let's make another Alien attack movie with the director of giants with the same storyline from another alien 2005 flick which I hated. Hollywood doesn't get it does it? This one boogles the mind.
Now this one bites. Takei rejects this idea from Simon Pegg himself. They sure didn't expect his negative reaction. Even tho it's a different timeline it just smacks as an angle for the film. What gets me is Pegg is the ultimate fanboy for liking both Star Trek and Star Wars. Even I say those quotes on the shows which pisses of die hards of both franchises. But this one is a head scratcher. I hope Pegg knows what's he doing. Talk about Fanboy check out his movie "Paul" alien movie with Seth Rogen doing the voice of the alien. With a Spielberg cameo voice over to boot.

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