Thursday, July 21, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Big Weekend

New Mini-review Radio show now playing. Tomorrow a special edition of this blog will be posted due to heavy workload on Monday. Trek 5 out 5, Pets - 4, Green Room (with Yelkin and Patrick Stewart, 3 out of 5) Ghostbusters -3, Ice Age -2, this franchise needs to retire.  More on the Radio show coming very soon.
Trek deserves better. They finally got it right. Great writing  with some clever plot twists ! How wonder the trailer sucked. They couldn't show anything. But there's a new trailer that shows has a big spoiler, try to avoid it if you can. Because that is the big reveal so it's a big spoiler.
5 out of 5. So much to say but can't without spoiling anything. But lots of nudge nudge wink wink to the tv and the original cast movies (Shatner, Nimoy, not TNG) with one to hold back the tears.
Only complaint is some of the camera moves by Lin as it got me a little dizzy at points but it was essential for some of the scenes involving the Enterprise. But Link does pull a rabbit out of the hat and has a Fast & the Furious stunt near the end of the movie. See if you can tell what it is. (Hint:FF6)
Note: Stay for the end credits that shows different planets while Micheal music play in the background. The fade to black. Tribute to Nimoy and Yelchin plays out. Then fade to black again.
Normal credits play while Rhianna song plays.  I never saw a place clear out that fast in my life. You go girl. LOL.
$60M is a good opener considering the lame trailers, the Sulu thing and that friggin song. It won't open big like that last one with $75 but at least it won't be DOA in a week or so like so many other movies this summer. It won't have to worry about Ghostbusters since that's tanking thanks to the Pets movie and Ice Age is getting really bad reviews. Yep to boldly to indeed, especially with another sequel announced this week. Review coming this Saturday.
Well this is kind of sad for a premiere but at least both Yelchin and Nimoy get the respect they deserve. But at least J.J. won't be replacing Chekov in future movies. Just let it be and remember that Trek animation the Chekov character was replace with an alien anyway. So that would fit.
Wow what a slap in the face and trying to save the franchise with a tv show. No shame. Like anyone is asking for this. These did lousy overseas so why did they bother. Well something else for me not to waste my time to see. So that's a good thing, hee hee.
It took them that long to get this back on the air especially since the Superhero craze hit so many yeats ago. Same with Pixar with The Incredibles. I mean wake up suits. No craze lasts forever.
Shame that Patrick Warburton is not back as the main character. He really added something to the role.
I grew up with Marshall tv show like Happy Days and Mork & Minday among other shows along with films like Pretty Woman. But his last films were kind of hard to put up with especially with the Holiday Trilogy which includes Mothers Day. (2 out of 5) All that talent and it added up to so little.
But there's no denying his earlier work is legend of course.

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